What holds true for all of our numerous products and solutions is that our customers ultimately care most about obtaining a product that fully satisfies their production requirements. This includes delivering the characteristics promised as well as low maintenance and reliable, durable operation. ‘AVA+’ is referring to your ‘plus’ and thus your benefit of AVA putting its know-how to best use to achieve this goal, tailored to your specific needs. We are happy to demonstrate to you a selection of technology options that allow for customizing our products to your requirements. These include horizontal design variants with single-side bearing as well as the reconstruction of orbital screw mixers in original AVA helix systems (refits). Visit the ‘Specials’ section to view examples from drives to choppers that illustrate how we will leverage our industry expertise to turn a good machine into an outstanding one. AVA not only develops and builds your machine, but we are also your competent partner in the field of plant engineering and system solutions. When it comes to mixing, drying, reacting, and evaporating – our core competencies – we deliver complete solutions from engineering and package units right through to realizing entire plants. Here, cleaning and safety aspects are of particular importance, especially in light of rising requirements, first and foremost in the food and pharmaceutical industries.