Batch Mixers

Batch Mixers, Horizontal Mixers

AVA’s HTC series batch mixers are optimally suited for variable processes and frequent product changes. These horizontal mixers induce mechanical turbulence or, alternatively, process aggregate mixtures. The task of the mixer is to deliver a homogeneous mixture featuring an extremely small variation coefficient within a batch time (loading/mixing/discharge) of between two and five minutes. Decades of experience and a wide range of equipment delivered in various installation sizes, materials, and styles, speak for themselves. We deliver AVA batch mixers tailored to your requirements.


When it comes to gentle product homogenization or the processing of solid mixtures, solid–liquid mixtures, or pasty mixtures, AVA batch mixers are an excellent choice. The spectrum ranges from powder mixers to heavy-duty designs. The construction materials industry is a classic application field as it involves frequent recipe or color changes on a daily basis. Even small quantities can be fed by manually adding them to the mixer. Highly abrasive products also used for construction are processed in machines protected by a special hard-metal plate lining welded to the interior. A common application in the food-feed industry is the preparation of baking mixes. By using special mixing elements and additionally installed shearing heads, the flour and water base substances, as well as other ingredients, are mixed at high viscosity, completely free of lumps and within the shortest time.

System Characteristics
  • Mixing times between 15 seconds and several minutes
  • Perfect mixing quality
  • Short discharge times and low-residue discharge
  • Optimal cleanability (in compliance with EHEDG standards on request)
  • Consistently reproducible product quality
  • Product filling level up to 80%
  • Gentle product preparation
Versatility through Variants

Your application requirement is our blueprint. We help you to implement your scenario by developing an individual version of the AVA batch mixer specifically tailored to your needs. Below you will find a number of AVA add-ons that are currently operating successfully in a variety of AVA batch mixer installations.

  • Different mixer geometries, adapted to the task
  • Use of blade heads and product-specific blade head variants
  • Abrasion-resistant versions
  • Batch mixer lining against abrasion, corrosion and adhesion
  • Machine versions with one-sided bearing and large front flap
  • Production in all materials, from carbon steels to high-quality stainless steels, for example, Hastelloy
  • Application-oriented seal variants
  • Dust- and explosion-proof mixer machine designs
  • GMP-compliant design
  • CIP-version batch mixers
  • Pneumatically actuated discharge flaps over the entire length of the drum

Thanks to our longstanding experience, we already have the answers to numerous application challenges in the batch mixer field. Capitalize on this and also benefit from our cost-effective solutions. And when our customers present us with a challenge we haven’t encountered before, our process engineers will solve it swiftly, putting their know-how and lust for innovation in the field of batch mixers at your service.

Our AVA test center provides you with access to a wide range of horizontal and vertical mixers and drying mixers, as well as laboratory mixers and ring layer mixers of different sizes, allowing you to perform your very own scale-up tests. Be it horizontal or vertical, we offer both design types and will provide you with the systems that delivered the best results.

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