Building Materials

Mixers for efficient and reliable production of high-quality building materials

Depending on requirements, AVA continuous or batch mixers are used for a variety of products in the construction industry. Whether for mixing of cement with fly ash, the production of dry mortar, fine plaster, pigmented plaster, or cement mixes – with AVA mixers you are always on the safe side. Reliability and quality coupled with high performance.


The various separate raw materials are merged based on a range of different dry mixing methods. AVA mixers are used, for example, for manufacturing cement types such as Portland cements or trass. The addition of certain highly abrasive additives such as granulated slag, pozzolan, fly ash, and limestone allows you to obtain special cements with different chemical and physical properties.

The homogeneity of the various cement components in accordance with DIN 1164 (EN 197-1) is an essential requirement for the building materials industry, partly because long service life under extreme conditions must be ensured.

AVA HTC (batch operation) and HTK (continuous operation) series turbulent mixers fully meet these requirements and thus deliver reproducible top-quality mixes. Thanks to the mixing intensity in a compact design, high throughputs of more than 500 t/h can be achieved.

Dry Mortar

A wide product range is one of the hallmarks of the dry mortar industry. Whether masonry mortar, plasters, leveling compounds, tile cements, sealants, or fillers, knowledge of the production processes and the mixing accuracy of aggregates is essential in order to design a suitable mixer. Also, the machine must allow for easy reconfiguration as regards products and colors to facilitate frequent production changes. AVA HTC series batch mixers are especially well suited to these requirements. The modern and sophisticated technology guarantees consistently good mixing results with 100% repeatability. The degree of automation of the plant as a whole is variable, so even small quantities can be fed into the mixer manually. Special flaps that open along the entire length of the drum reduce discharge times and enable nearly complete batch mixer discharge in the range of > 99.5 percent. Blade heads can be integrated into the mixer drum sides in order to support the main agitator. These high-speed agitator components ensure additional dispersal of small components for color pigments and prevent agglomerate formation.

Deciding Facts – Building Materials

  • 100 percent reproducible mixing quality
  • Streak-free colorants mixing
  • Long service life due to extremely wear-resistant designs
  • Selectable batch or continuous operation
  • High operation volumes
  • Excellent discharge capability
  • Short batch times

The decision of whether to choose a continuous or batch mixer depends on the recipe and color changes as well as on the number of components to be mixed. In all cases however, the mixing accuracy needed to meet the demanding requirements of the building materials industry is guaranteed.

Thanks to their reliable long-term operation and high availability, AVA continuous and batch building material mixers are in high demand across the globe.

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