Mixers, Granulators and Reactors for Converting Cellulose into Cellulose Derivatives

Alkali cellulose, MC, HEC, HPMC, CMC... Machine technology requirements in the cellulose industry are as varied as the products themselves. AVA, with its broad portfolio of horizontal and vertical mixers, drying mixers, and reactors, is ideally positioned in the cellulose market. Many references from our satisfied, established customers are proof of the efficiency of our machines.

Production of Alkali Cellulose

The first step in producing cellulose ethers is the preparation of the alkali cellulose. Depending on the task, the milled pulp is mixed homogeneously with water, ethanol, and sodium hydroxide. At this stage, optimal homogeneity of the mixture is of particular importance in order to achieve a high degree of alkalization. AVA agitators are designed to achieve best possible mixture homogeneity with uniform, controlled cooling. The AVA HTC-T horizontal mixers and AVA HVW-T vertical mixers are particularly well suited to this process step.

Production of Cellulose Ether

The first step in cellulose ether production, as described above, need not necessarily take place in a separate machine. The subsequent etherification through the addition of monochloroacetic acid (MCA), dimethyl ether (DME), and other additives can be performed using the same machine. Exothermic reactions cause process pressures of up to 40 bar. The recovery of solvents is carried out in the same reactor in a vacuum. The heatable and coolable AVA HTC-R-series horizontal reactors are well suited to this application.

Homogenizing of Cellulose Ether

Several batches of cellulose ether are collected in a vertical AVA HVM mixer and homogenized together with further additives (small components) in a short mixing time. The result is a consistently high-quality final product with no batch variations.

Granulation/Cooling of Modified Celluloses

Horizontal mixers of type AVA HTK-T and ring layer mixers of type AVA HRM are ideally suited to granulating and cooling cellulose ether. The high peripheral velocities of the HRM-series agitators allow for increasing the particle size over a retention time of a few seconds to configure the system for subsequent process stages. Compact machines achieve high throughputs during this manufacturing stage.

Deciding Facts – Cellulose

  • Individual mixing and reacting technology solution tailored to your task
  • AVA offers products for batch process and continuous process
  • Special ATEX requirements are taken into account
  • Pressure range from -1 bar to +40 bar
  • Targeted temperature management through optimized heat transfer from the heating/cooling jacket to the product
  • Complete equipment offering for the entire process chain, from mixers and reactors through to homogenizing mixers

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