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Mixers, drying mixers, reactors, and evaporators for perfect process engineering solutions

We offer excellent process engineering solutions for the chemical industry in the fields of mixing, drying, evaporating, reacting, and granulating. Our ultimate goal is the satisfaction of our customers and a collaborative long-term partnership. The most up-to-date machines are at your disposal at our technology center in Herrsching, where you can carry out series of tests. Following delivery of the equipment, we support you from installation to commissioning and trial operation and assist you with maintenance and service tasks.

Filter Cake Drying

No matter what method and device is used for upstream mechanical solid-liquid separation – be it filter press, band-pass filter, candle filter, decanter, centrifuge, or suction filter – to achieve the desired final moisture content, a thermal drying mixer is required downstream. The vertical HVW and HVM series MITRAVA conical dryers have defined the chemical industry drying technology standard ever since AVA introduced it on the market. They allow you to achieve residual moisture in the ppm range and, due to their special design, guarantee high availability and minimum maintenance. As an alternative to vertical contact drying mixers, AVA also supplies the AVA horizontal HTC and HTK series shovel drying mixers. These machines are equipped with Becker shovels and work continuously or in batch operation. Heating temperatures up to 800°C in vacuum operation can be achieved, depending on the application.

Conditioning of Flame Retardants
  • Brominated and chlorinated compositions
  • Melamine and phosphate mixtures
  • Ammonium, antimony, and boron compounds
  • Other inorganic flame retardants.

All are conditioned in AVA mixers, drying mixers, and reactors. Horizontal or vertical, from 1 liter to 50,000 liters, with reaction temperatures of up to 800°C (1472°F) and <25 mbar (0.36 psi) absolute pressure. The mixing, drying, and reaction processes can take place in one machine. In the reactor variant, a typical application is cross-linking of melamine and phosphoric acid to create melamine (poly)phosphate. In the drying mixer variant, red phosphorus, ammonium (poly)phosphate, and melamine (poly)phosphate are dried, while the mixer variant is suited, for example, to coating flame retardants with silanes to improve the surface structure.

Battery Masses I

High-performance AVA mixers are used for mixing of battery base mixes. Here, filter cake, additive powders, and liquids are intensively mixed. The HTC type batch mixers are made of stainless steel and equipped with a CIP cleaning system. The proven AVA agitator contains adjustable shovels, which, depending on the task, allow a wall clearance of between 1 mm and 25 mm. Separately driven choppers ensure agglomerate-free mixing. A lip seal or liquid-lubricated, double mechanical seal ensures optimal shaft sealing.

Battery Masses II

Another example from the battery mass field are high-temperature lithium-ion battery recycling applications. Li-ion batteries have become indispensable to our daily lives, due to their use in a variety of mobile devices. This trend will increase since these batteries play a decisive role in the move towards e-mobility. The tasks of recovering valuable materials from Li-ion batteries as well as safe disposal of residual materials can be optimally solved using high-temperature vacuum drying mixers, based on a solid mixer.

The recycling process is carried out through targeted temperature control under vacuum conditions in a closed process, thus enabling separation and the almost complete recycling of components by evaporation and subsequent condensation. The remaining residue in the drying mixer following the treatment is safe (non-toxic) and can then be fed into conventional purification processes. The condensation-recovered solvent may also be concentrated, purified, and recycled using conventional methods. As regards processes that heat the product indirectly, for example, through contact with the heated vessel wall, the maximum media temperature of 400°C attainable with thermal oil heating is not sufficient for many applications. AVA high-temperature vacuum drying mixers reach temperatures of up to 800°C. Heating takes place by means of special electric heating units. These specially adapted drum heating units with redundant heating circuits ensure uniform product heating.


When it comes to homogenizing and drying agribusiness powders and granulate formed products, the HVW and HVM series vertical mixers and vertical drying mixers are the tools of choice. The fragile products are processed rapidly and particularly gently, and the reproducibility of recipes is ensured. The special shape of the mixing container means that the product is almost fully discharged at the bottom side while the agitator is running. For cleaning purposes, the machines are highly accessible or alternatively, cleaning processes can be automated. Design and construction are carried out in accordance with GMP, and there is a wide choice of application-specific variants.

Condensing Unit

In addition to individually supplied drying mixers with integrated heated vapor filters, AVA also supplies complete drying assemblies that include a condensing unit or vacuum condensing unit and heater. Here, the ability to recover the condensate or used solvents and feed the materials back into the process or use them in other applications represents a significant financial benefit.

Deciding Facts – Chemical Applications

  • Horizontal and vertical mixing and drying technology from a single source guarantees the best solution for you
  • Top mixing quality levels
  • Short drying times thanks to optimal heat transfer
  • Final moisture content in the ppm range after drying
  • High-temperature applications with up to 800°C heating temperature
  • High machine availability
  • Materials ranging from V2A or V4A stainless steel and special materials such as 1.4462/1.4539 through to Hastelloy/alloy and titanium-grade materials
  • Products meet specific ATEX requirements

Requirements relating to products and processing operations are constantly on the rise. AVA has the necessary experience and expertise to provide you with innovative yet reliable mixing and processing technology.

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