Cleaning and Safety

Easy-Clean Design for Maximum Safety

Contamination of pharmaceutical production devices and products can ruin entire batches and endanger patients. Cross-contamination is just as risky as contamination by material abrasion. The AVA vertical and conical design series is conceived in such a way that cleaning processes and inspections are facilitated right from the start.

During processing, maximum protection is provided against contamination and optimal access for cleaning is guaranteed because the product chamber contains no gear elements, seals, or bearings. Rounded edges and large welding radii serve to prevent caking on the agitator. The conical shape of the devices enables an almost complete discharge, which also serves to facilitate cleaning. Customers can also choose between various GMP-compliant sealing systems. Accessories such as samplers, temperature probes, gas and CIP nozzles, and more, can be built and installed flush with the wall for nearly cavity-free operation. High-quality flaps or ball segment valves are also cavity free and easy to clean without the need for disassembling them.

System Characteristics
  • Automatable and certifiable CIP cleaning on closed machines
  • Avoidance of contamination sources
  • Pharmaceutical-quality materials and seals
  • Easy access to all parts in contact with the product
  • Optional clean room installation

Rotating CIP nozzles are integrated into the cap. After a partial filling of the vessel via the nozzles, the high-speed rotating agitator takes care of most of the cleaning work.
Cleaning is carried out in a closed state.
Product changeovers are quick and easy thanks to effective cleaning.

AVA delivers flexible, customized solutions for any specific process engineering challenge together with the customer.


The basic design of the AVA conical mixer and drying mixer allows for easy and effective containment. If feeding and discharge are carried out via double flaps, which currently achieve containment levels below 1 µg/m³, highly active ingredients can be fed and discharged under clean room conditions. The drying mixers feature a pivoting lifting column, so products can be discharged from a centrifuge, dried, and then filled into transport vessels under contained conditions.

Moreover, the lifting column facilitates easy maintenance and inspection.

In cooperation with you, our experienced process engineers develop the best solution for your project. AVA comes up with flexible and reliable solutions to any process engineering challenge.

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