Continuous Mixers

Continuous Mixers, Flow Mixers, Horizontal Mixers

From powder mixers to heavy-duty mixers, AVA HTK series mixers for continuous operation are excellently suited to large throughput volumes in continuous processes. These horizontal mixers induce mechanical turbulence or alternatively process aggregate mixtures. Our robust technology allows for 24-hour continuous operation, 365 days a year. The raw materials are fed continuously via appropriate dosing units and nozzles, and the finished mixture is continuously discharged via suitably designed discharge elements. Thanks to special agitators, AVA continuous mixers achieve very high throughput rates and optimal backmixing despite compact installation sizes. If you need any more arguments, have a look at the large number machines we have shipped and the deep industry know-how we have gained over the years.


Efficient, automated processes for many different industrial sectors are what AVA continuous mixers are built for. Whether it’s homogenizing, agglomerating, granulating, or humidifying, our mixers support applications ranging from the preparation of polypropylene powders in the chemical industry and flour mixtures for the food industry through to fly ash humidification in the power plant engineering sector or the production of cement mixes for building materials. In other words, AVA continuous mixers deliver operating excellence in every industry.

System Characteristics
  • Retention times of between 15 seconds and 30 minutes
  • Special agitators for intense backmixing
  • Small space requirements
  • Retention time extension by means of AVA special agitators
  • Product filling level of up to 70%
  • Gentle product preparation
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance expenditure
Versatility through Variants

Your application requirement is our blueprint. We develop your individual version of the AVA continuous mixer specifically according to your needs. Below you will find a number of AVA add-ons that are currently operating successfully in a variety of AVA continuous mixer installations.

  • Flexible shovel geometries, customized for the task
  • Adjustable shovel-to-wall clearance, adjustable throughput
  • Individual emptying systems such as infinitely adjustable outlet weirs or external chute
  • Production in all materials, from carbon steels to high-quality stainless steels, for example, Hastelloy
  • Use of blade heads/agglomerate crushes and product-specific blade head variants
  • Abrasion-resistant versions
  • Application-oriented seal variants
  • Coatings against abrasion, corrosion, and adhesion
  • Dust- and explosion-proof mixer machine designs
  • GMP-compliant design

Whether you want to change your production from batch to continuous operation or just need high throughput capacities, just get in touch with us. We will put our many years of experience and extensive process engineering know-how to use for you. Upon request, we also provide the core unit periphery.

Our AVA test center provides you with access to a wide range of machines (horizontal and vertical mixers, horizontal and vertical drying mixers, laboratory mixers, and ring layer mixers) in various sizes for carrying out scale-up tests. Be it horizontal or vertical, we have extensive expertise in the design of both types. So simply pick the technology that yielded the best results, and we will deliver.

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