The AVA Demo Center: trials, scale-ups, and more.

Series of tests performed on mobile trial units or in the AVA Demo Center ensure safe and cost-effective project planning – whether as an assurance test or for new product development. You can be on site in person or join via web cam.

The innovative AVA Demo Center accommodates horizontal and vertical systems, thus facilitating a wide range of process variants for mixers and ring layer mixers, drying mixers, reactors, and evaporators. A vast range of devices and processes is supported, from helix systems to single-shaft mixers, from pressurized to vacuum designs, as a high-temperature or cooling process.

Your application requirement is our blueprint

With experience and product expertise, our engineers support your test series and define the optimal process engineering system solution.

  • Stipulation of temperature, pressure, rotation speed, power consumption, and other operating parameters
  • Heat transfer calculation
  • Clarification of product behavior under mechanical and thermal stress
  • Stipulation of all optimal process conditions

The resulting data is written to disk and recorded in logs. A test report summarizes the findings, and the test results enter into the production machine quote as a scale-up.

Experience the many facets of AVA for yourself.

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