Sterilizing, mixing, drying, and modifying of food products and food supplements

AVA offers sophisticated methods and machines for foodstuff processing and refining, in particular for applications aimed at increasing and maintaining the quality and stability of different products.

Whether it comes to sterilizing, mixing, coating, drying, or other processes, AVA puts its know-how and experience to work for you.

Mixing of Food Powders

Whether instant beverage powders, baking mixes, spices, dried soups, or dietary supplements – in the food industry there are a variety of products whose quality depends on a sophisticated blending technology. The mixing of base products with different properties such as particle size, fragility, or bulk density, requires a gentle, yet effective mixing process. The flexible AVA plants for homogenizing solids or solids with liquids deliver to these requirements. Our advanced technology ensures homogeneous mixing of even the smallest amounts, which constitutes a key economic criterion when the process involves valuable additives. Depending on the base products used, AVA offers you the mixing technology best suited to producing your product to the highest standards.

Dynamic Sterilizing of Spices

Most spices such as chili, pepper, cumin, or others are heavily contaminated with microorganisms. Many sterilization processes affect product characteristics such as taste, smell or color. Since these are important quality features and selling points, effective and gentle sterilization is crucial to establishing a successful product. To help this effort, AVA has developed automatic plants that guarantee 5-log reduction of microbiological contamination. The plants work with dynamic pressure sterilization, giving you a sterilization result free of color or flavor loss. In addition to quality aspects, our method provides a precisely controllable and particularly short sterilization process.

Coating with Oil, Water, and Fat

In the food industry, a wide range of products is coated to respond to market requirements. Our specially developed AVA technology enables the introduction and homogeneous distribution of even the smallest quantities of liquids for dust binding or taste adaptation, tailored to your application. Expertise regarding the various product characteristics and associated production processes is essential to this. Delivering this know-how, we ensure that your product will unfold its full market potential regarding all characteristics.

Drying of Foodstuffs

AVA builds and develops plants for the various drying stages, from product-friendly vacuum drying, to steam drying and contact drying, through to roasting. Owing to the vessel shape and the agitator, each particle is subjected to the drying process. Temperature and humidity are maintained in the desired range by the constant movement of the particle collective, while localized overheating is prevented. This turns the valuable raw materials into a high-quality product that offers the required features.

Horizontal or vertical? We offer the right alignment for your application.

Horizontal Technology

AVA HTC series food and feed mixers offer numerous proven advantages as well as unbeatable comfort, especially in the single-side bearing version with a front that can be fully opened. This gives the operator the greatest possible inspection access to the machine interior and provides optimum cleanability. AVA’s smooth-welded mixing blades rotate cavity free close to the wall. The series has been consistently developed for short batch times and optimal homogeneity of the discharged mixture. Typical applications for the horizontal series are cereals and baking mixes, instant soups, and spices.

Vertical Technology

The vertical HVW series is equipped with the original AVA mixing helix, which is available as a single or double helix. It lifts the product in a circular pattern along the vessel wall before dropping it back down to the center in a spiral. Mixing takes place via a combing movement of the entire particle collective. Depending on the configured rotation speed, this action is more or less intensive, yet the product is always handled gently. The self-centering helix mixer with single-side bearing positioned outside of the product space is a particular advantage from a hygiene point of view. The vessel shape allows for nearly complete evacuation and facilitates the cleaning process. AVA vertical technology is proven in a variety of applications. Examples include sterilizing spices, alkalizing cocoa nibs, or mixing and drying food supplements.

Deciding Facts – Food

  • Short mixing times and high mixing quality even for small particle additives
  • Gentle product treatment processes
  • Cavity-free design, including AVA discharge flap
  • Agglomerate-free mixing result thanks to independently driven blade heads
  • Superior residual evacuation, no manual mixer cleaning required
  • Fast homogenization of mixtures of different bulk densities
  • Sterilization processes at over pressure and in a vacuum
  • Slow addition of liquids through spray nozzles
  • FDA- and EHEDG-compliant design

Do you want to refine your products by mixing, sterilizing, coating, or drying? AVA offers powerful machines designed for this task, using either horizontal or vertical technology. Both technologies are available in our fully equipped AVA Test Center for running scale-up tests. This enables us to identify and offer you the machine best suited to your needs. Contact our experts for competent, individual consulting.

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