Horizontal Dryers

Batch Dryers, Reactors, Horizontal Dryers, Shovel Dryers

AVA HTC-T (batch dryers) and HTK-T series (continuous drying mixers) are horizontal contact drying mixers or convective drying mixers that are designed as shovel drying mixers and often used as reactors. The product fed into the machine comes into direct contact with the heated drying elements (drum, head ends and/or shaft, and shovels) and is continuously shifted by the rotating agitator. In the convective drying mixer variant, steam or hot air is fed into the mixer interior and the drying elements can also be heated. Half-pipe coils or double jackets are available for heating the drum. Thermal oil or steam are most commonly used as heating fluid, or an electric heater can be used for high-temperature applications. The constant circulation along the heated surfaces leads to uniform moisture expulsion and creates a uniform temperature and product humidity in the drying mixer product chamber. Vapors are removed via vapor filter systems specially constructed by AVA. The shape and angle of the shovels ensure optimal heat exchange between product and side wall. Separately driven choppers dissolve lumps, thus resulting in a fine-grained to powdered material consistency. Benefits include very short drying times, which can be further reduced by including a vacuum dryer in the design.


Many production processes generate water and/or solvent-moist intermediate products that must be dried before further processing, distribution, or disposal is possible. Drying is often carried out in two steps: an upstream, less energy-intensive mechanical method for expelling the main moisture (Nutsche filters, centrifuges) and the subsequent thermal final drying. AVA HTC series machines are used as reactors in the cellulose industry, as sterilizers in the food industry, as drying mixers for flame retardants in the chemical industry, and for evaporating high-boiling substances (for example, hydrocarbons) from contaminated environmental industry substances under vacuum conditions.

System Characteristics
  • Can be used as drying mixers, reactors, or evaporators
  • Mixing in the turbulent range, by inducing mechanical turbulence, or in a moving aggregate
  • Heating media: steam, thermal oil, water, or electrical heating in high-temperature applications
  • Coolant: brine solution or water
  • Temperature transfer via double jacket, half pipe and shaft
  • Materials: carbon steels through to high-quality stainless steels such as Hastelloy
  • Drying temperatures: –20°C to + 800°C
  • Pressure in product and heat chamber: -1 bar to +40 bar
  • Design- and process-related short drying times
  • Consistent, uniform temperature and product moisture
  • Strip process drying
Versatility through Variants

The vast variety of applications across all industrial sectors requires a similar range of options used to customize our products to meet customer needs. Numerous AVA HTC series batch dryers with add-ons are successfully in operation in customer installations.

  • GMP and CIP designs, FDA, EHEDG, and HACCP compliant
  • Different custom-fit agitator geometries
  • Use of blade heads/agglomerate crushers and product-specific blade head variants
  • Single-side bearing with retractable agitator
  • Shaft seal systems variants: stuffing box, shaft seal rings, maintenance-free special lip ring seals, mechanical seals
  • Pressure- and vacuum-sealed discharge flap system, cavity free, high temperature resistance, with inflatable seal
  • Pressure- and vacuum-sealed sampling systems
  • Single-side bearing with retractable agitator
  • Machines designed to withstand extreme load changes
  • Complete delivery includes periphery such as thermal oil units, condensing units, and controller

In-depth technological know-how and intimate knowledge of the products to be prepared are essential prerequisites for designing and producing AVA drying mixers, reactors, and evaporators. We look forward to new process engineering challenges and are happy to put our experience to use to offer you the best possible machine design.

Our AVA test center provides a wide range of machines (horizontal and vertical mixers, horizontal and vertical drying mixers, laboratory mixers, and ring layer mixers) in various sizes, allowing you to carry out scale-up tests. Be it horizontal or vertical, we have extensive expertise in the design of both types. So simply pick the technology that yielded the best results, and we will deliver.

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