Laboratory Dryers

Laboratory Mixers, Laboratory Drying Mixers

Variable, multifunctional, versatile – these are the hallmarks of the AVA laboratory series. Flexibility of application is the key feature of this series as laboratory mixers and drying mixers are commonly used for a highly diverse spread of products or product developments. In order to make frequent product changes as easy as possible for you, we have placed great importance on uncomplicated cleaning of our laboratory models. The HTL laboratory mixers also impress with their simple and self-explanatory controls.


Whether as mixer or drying mixer, for laboratory developments or small-scale production, the AVA laboratory mixers and drying mixers can map any process engineering method across all industrial sectors. This includes mixing applications in the food sector, for example, production of beverage powders with different flavors for the fitness industry, the development of new APIs in the pharmaceutical sector, as well as developing cathode materials in a high-temperature process. Our product range covers cost-effective solutions for small-scale productions through to high-tech custom machines.

System Characteristics: HTL model range 3 - 30
  • Batch sizes from 0.3 liters to 24 liters
  • One base unit for five vessel volumes (3, 5, 10, 20, 30 liters)
  • Front flap to mixer interior
  • Compact enclosed housing unit
  • Drum rotatable 180° for discharge
  • Drum easily removable for cleaning purposes
  • Easy operation
System Characteristics: HTL model range 50 – 90
  • Operation volume 15–70 liters
  • Mobile frame or stationary unit
  • Feeding nozzle with filter or folding cap
  • Discharge nozzle with cavity-free closing flap with toggle closure
  • Front flap for easy accessibility to mixer interior
  • Rotation speed controller and display, ammeter, and timing relay for mixing time
  • Plug and play unit
Versatility through Variants

Each application represents a new challenge, and each application is solved on an individual basis. We deliver your version of the AVA laboratory mixer and laboratory drying mixer tailored to your requirements. The following AVA add-ons are in productive use in a variety of shipped machines:

  • Different agitator geometries, customized for the task
  • Pressure/vacuum design
  • Use of blade heads/agglomerate crushers and product-specific blade head variants
  • GMP and CIP designs, FDA, EHEDG, and HACCP compliant
  • Double jacket for cooling/heating
  • Heating temperatures up to 750°C, electrical
  • Insulation
  • ATEX design
  • Liquid feeding nozzle
  • Product temperature display

Please contact us regarding your application. Many variants of the AVA laboratory mixer and drying mixer are available quickly and inexpensively due to their design. In addition to the horizontal laboratory designs presented here, we also develop vertical technology laboratory mixers and drying mixers for you.

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