AVA News April 2018

AVA fly ash pug mills for the USA

AVA supplies to a global operator of waste-to-energy plants in total four fly ash humidification mixers. The pug mills are allotted to various sites and locations and are going to modernize the existing wet ash dispatches. The AVA pug mills replace successively the existing mixers. In addition to the better product quality at lower water addition, the higher availability of the AVA mixers was the decisive factor for that paradigm shift.

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AVA now part of the BHS Sonthofen

With effect from 04.04.2018 the AVA GmbH u. Co. KG is part of the BHS-Sonthofen group of companies. Both product portfolios complement each other perfectly. With AVA, the company's market position in the field of mixing technology will be further strengthened and the competences in the solid-liquid separation will be supplemented by AVA`s drying technology. AVA acts as usual with the proven team from the Herrsching location. Both companies will continue to operate in the marketplace under their own name.

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