API Dryer for Sanofi

The company Chinoin Zrt., subsidiary of the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi, is represented in Hungary at the three locations Budapest, Csanyikvölgy and Veresegyház. In the mid of 2018 the chemical site in Budapest is receiving a new system for homogenizing and drying of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients. The centerpiece is the vertical conical dryer HVW-VT 120 with spiral mixing unit in pharmaceutical design from AVA.

AVA API Trockner

The active ingredient is sprayed onto the excipient in liquid, dissolved form and then homogenized. After achieving the required distribution of active ingredients and excipients, the carrier liquid is removed by applying vacuum and heating the exterior wall. The dryer is finally discharged by a continuous liner system with integrated weighing cells. Due to the toxic properties of the active ingredient, the system was designed for the containment level OEB 3. After a residue-free emptying, the dryer including liner system is CIP cleaned and dried - being available for a new batch.

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