AVA fly ash pug mills for the USA

AVA supplies to a global operator of waste-to-energy plants in total four fly ash humidification mixers. The pug mills are allotted to various sites and locations and are going to modernize the existing wet ash dispatches. The AVA pug mills replace successively the existing mixers. In addition to the better product quality at lower water addition, the higher availability of the AVA mixers was the decisive factor for that paradigm shift. The current plant had to be stopped for cleaning twice per shift. This is eliminated by the use of the AVA ash humidifier. Their design is self-cleaning with the special AVA mixing unit and the dead space-free AVA mixing drum, which significantly increases plant availability.

AVA Pug Mill

Another key feature of the machines is their heavy-duty construction. Due to the high abrasive products to be processed, the machines are produced very robust and with additional wear protection. Long service lives and availability can thus be guaranteed.

In addition to the humidification and conditioning of fly ash, the robust and flexible AVA mixing technology is also used for the production of pumpable suspensions, which are then fed via a solids pump to landfilling, mining offshoring or hazardous waste incineration. Another application is the production of homogeneous mixtures of residues or recyclables, which are fed to a briquetting plant and processed there to form briquettes.

The aim is always to condition and mix different raw materials and aggregates in such a way that a uniform product is subsequently produced, which can be easily processed in the following process step.

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