Robust endurance runner: AVA mixer processes 5 million tons of mining backfill materials

Such numbers had been a long way off, when the plant was set into operation at Aurec almost 22 years ago. The initially expected 100000 tons per year rapidly increased to 230000. Meanwhile just under 5 million tons of raw materials like special rubble, blasting sand, filter press cake and fly ash have been processed to mining backfill materials.

The core of the plant is an AVA batch mixer HTC 10000. This one was designed extraordinary robust from the beginning to ensure a permanently reliable operation. With great success: 22 years of continuous operation with a utilization of the plant widely exceed the initial expectations.

AVA HTC 10000

The longstanding experience and robust quality of AVA technology provides you mixing and drying technology perfectly adapted to your requirements. You as customer benefit from highest mixing quality, low maintenance costs and short downtime and – consequently – especially high economical efficiency.

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