AVA supplies vertical and horizontal reactors which can be operated both in batch mode or continuously.


AVA mixing reactors are excellent for a variety of reaction process applications. A particular advantage is their wide range of operating characteristics, which includes high vacuums with 40-bar pressures and temperatures of up to 900°C. At the same time, the AVA agitator ensures nearly uniform product characteristics throughout the process chamber and thus achieves ratios close to those of an ideal reactor. Applications range from pure solid or liquid regimes to solid–gas or solid–liquid reactions. Owing to the broad variety of available materials, even aggressive media can be supported.


The AVA range of machines supports continuous or batch cooling processes of all kinds. A common application is the cooling of products after drying. This is done either in the AVA drying mixer itself or in a downstream double-walled AVA cooling mixer. If required, the agitator can be custom-designed to offer a particularly high cooling surface area in relation to the machine volume. In addition to the indirect cooling described above, highly efficiently direct cooling processes can also be implemented. This is usually done by adding liquids to hot bulk material to achieve evaporative cooling. Low product temperatures can also be achieved under vacuum conditions.

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