Ring Layer Mixers

Ring Layer Mixers

The ring layer mixer agitator system delivers high peripheral speeds of up to 50 m/sec. The resulting centrifugal force brings the product outwards into a ring layer on the vessel side wall. The high speed difference between the rotating agitator and the mixing drum, combined with the use of different mixing elements, guarantees a high and agglomerate-free mixing intensity. Fluids are injected tangentially into the product through special nozzles. At such high speeds, the slightest imbalance could jeopardize the continued safe operation of these plants, which is why we bring our full experience, expertise, and sophisticated technology to bear to guarantee the flawless design of every single ring layer mixer we ship to our customers.


Large throughput rates despite a small installation size – this is precisely what the AVA ring layer mixer is built to deliver. One application example is micro granulating in the chemical industry, for example, in the field of detergent production. Here, poorly flowing powders are transformed into a highly fluid product through micro granulation. In the area of pulp processing, our annular layer mixers come into their own, for instance, when it comes to preparing suspensions (solids plus solution) that serve as base material for subsequent staple fibers production. Compared to conventional systems, the ring layer mixer achieves very rapid decomposition of the individual fibers in the solution. In the pulp and pastes production processes of the food industry, the decisive argument for the ring layer mixer is that it offers optimum hydro neutralization of the product, for example, using steam.

System Characteristics
  • Very intensive mixing
  • Streak-free mixing of solids with fluids for the production of pastes
  • Production of micro granules up to granules in the millimeter range
  • Optimal disintegration of fiber products
  • Very short retention time, meaning small machine sizes for large capacities
  • Optimal energy utilization
Versatility through Variants

We study your precise application scenario in order to develop a machine tailored to your application. Over the years, our customers’ challenges have lead to AVA developing numerous innovative solutions. The following AVA add-ons are currently in use in a variety of AVA ring layer mixer installations.

  • Drum variants
    • Fully enclosed drum with head end extractable agitator
    • Partitioned mixing drum for easy cleaning and mixing shaft disassembly
    • Mixing drum design with inspection doors
  • GMP design with CIP/SIP equipment
  • Drum heating/cooling
  • Anti-abrasion lining
  • Replaceable half-shell lining
  • Anti-adhesion lining
  • Hard metal mixing elements
  • Materials from mild steel to Hastelloy

The variety of AVA ring layer mixer applications will impress you. Take advantage of the process technology expertise and experience of our team and let our experts help you find the ideal solution for your application.

In addition, our AVA test center offers a wide range of machines (horizontal and vertical mixers, horizontal and vertical drying mixers, laboratory mixers, and ring layer mixers) in various sizes, allowing you to carry out scale-up testing. Be it horizontal or vertical, we have extensive expertise in the design of both types. So simply pick the technology that yielded the best results, and we will deliver.

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