Single-Side Bearing

Horizontal Mixers and Horizontal Drying Mixers

Operation volume 5–10,000 liters
Design As a horizontal batch mixer, drying mixer, or reactor

Like the other types of AVA horizontal mixers, drying mixers, and reactors, this series also includes a horizontally arranged drum with a shovel agitator. In contrast to the other series, however, it features a single-side bearing with a defined centricity of the main shaft. The head end opposite the drive/bearing side is built as a large inspection door that allows easy access to the vessel interior. The geometry of the mixing mechanism is designed such that the shovels are a short distance from the drum and thus reach the entire interior space. Reproducible mixtures are achieved within the shortest time and even the smallest particle additions are included in the mixing process.

In the drying mixer/reactor variant, for example for high temperature applications, the vessel design takes the expansion behavior based on defined heating/cooling rates into account.


The horizontal series with single-side bearing is mainly used in applications where good cleanability is required, and thus easy access to the mixer interior. In the food industry, for example in processes used to create powdery mixtures that require full repeatability, this can be just as useful as it is for sterilization processes in environmental engineering or high-temperature applications in the chemical industry.

System Characteristics
  • Single-side bearing
  • Large inspection door with optimal accessibility
  • Efficiency through the use of only one shaft seal
  • Temperatures up to 800°C
  • Heating media: steam, thermal oil, water, or electrical heating
  • Additional main shaft and/or agitator heating possible
  • Optimum utilization of reactor diameter to length ratio to achieve short handling times
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