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HVM-B series vertical mixers and vertical dryers combine the advantages of a vertical vessel in a compact frame for custom installation in existing buildings. Compared to other vertical mixing systems, the HVM-B range achieves constant mixing efficiency despite a significantly reduced construction height. The rotating mixing helix (single mixing helix or AVA double mixing helix) conveys the product upwards, along the outer wall of the vessel. From here, it drops down into the shaft area at the vessel center and thus once again into the mixing process. The drive and bearing are located outside the vessel. This technology thus prevents product contamination with gear oil or lubricating grease, which is a common problem with other mixing systems. Optimal accessibility via large inspection doors in the cylindrical vessel allows for easy cleaning, which can also be automated by incorporating CIP nozzles.
In the drying mixer variant, the side wall and/or agitator are fully heated, achieving a superior heat transfer coefficient.


The vertical mixer is ideal for coating and homogenizing bulk materials and for evaporating suspensions. This could be a simple mixture of cellulose powders in the cellulose industry, homogenizing of zeolites in the chemical industry, mixing of wine additives in food technology, and conditioning of iron powder with additives in metallurgic applications. In the drying mixer variant, the spectrum ranges from amino acid drying and mercury evaporating through to boron nitride calcination.

System Characteristics
  • Self-centering helix with single-side bearing
  • Particularly gentle homogenizing with excellent mixing quality thanks to double-action mixing helix
  • Mixing times from 15 seconds to several minutes
  • Lower rotation speeds than in other systems
  • Larger operation volume range
  • Short discharge times
  • Easy access to all parts contacting the product results in easy cleaning
  • Consistently reproducible product quality
  • Materials: carbon steels through to high-quality stainless steels such as Hastelloy
  • Drive and bearings outside of mixing chamber, thus preventing risk of product contamination due to lubricants, amongst others
  • Sealing external to mixed/dried product, which significantly reduces maintenance costs
  • High failure resistance and low operating costs compared to conical screw mixers

…and in the drying mixer variant

  • Drying temperatures from –20°C to +800°C
  • Heating media: steam, thermal oil, water, or electrical heating
  • Coolant: brine solution or water
  • Temperature transfer via double jacket, half pipe, shaft, and helix
  • Pressure in product and heat chamber: -1 bar to +40 bar
  • Large heating surface design for short drying times
  • Above-average heat transfer through continuous mixing and intensive product contact with the heated side wall
  • Very high evaporation capacity – evaporation processes almost continuously controllable
Versatility through Variants

Your application determines which individual AVA HVM-B series vertical mixer model should be used, what options are needed, or whether an inexpensive standard version is sufficient. A variety of available AVA add-ons have proven successful in practice.

  • Design with single or double helix
  • Drying mixer with vessel and/or agitator heating variants
  • Product discharge via flap, slide gate, ball segment valves, or ball valve
  • GMP and CIP designs, FDA, EHEDG, and HACCP compliant
  • Automatable and certifiable WIP/CIP cleaning on closed machine
  • Shaft seal system variants: stuffing box and shaft seal rings, maintenance-free special lip ring seals, mechanical seals
  • Application of blade head/agglomerate crushers and product-specific blade head variants
  • Installation of samplers, temperature probes, and other equipment
  • Delivered with lifting column
    • for lifting the cap with agitator or lowering the vessel
    • for filling and emptying in tight spaces.

AVA vertical mixers and drying mixers are ideally suited for large-volume applications in tight spaces. Experience coupled with know-how guarantee innovative AVA solutions. Numerous systems installed worldwide and across all industries speak for themselves. Convince yourself of the quality of AVA technology and the expertise of the AVA team.

Our AVA test center provides a wide range of machines (horizontal and vertical mixers, horizontal and vertical drying mixers, laboratory mixers, and ring layer mixers) in various sizes, allowing you to carry out scale-up tests. Be it horizontal or vertical, we have extensive expertise in the design of both types. So simply pick the technology that yielded the best results, and we will deliver.

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